Irish Universities

Irish Universities

There are seven universities in the Republic of Ireland and two in Northern Ireland. The seven universities in the Republic of Ireland offer state-of-the-art education and training through a broad range of Honours Bachelors, Master and PhD programmes. These universities are attractive destinations for Irish, European, American and other international students, reflecting the unique combination which a quality education and an exciting cultural experience offers to students studying and undertaking research in Ireland. Irish universities are fully integrated into the life of their cities and regions, with vibrant student communities and social life. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in a wide range of social, cultural and sporting activities available. Irish university degrees are fully recognised internationally, ensuring graduates from Irish universities can make full use of their qualifications across Europe, the US and Globally. Recent official reports show that Ireland is at the top of the league in implementing major European higher education and research policies, and the universities are full participants in many European and international teaching networks.

Irish Universities – Websites

 • Dublin City University

• Trinity College Dublin

• University College Dublin

• University College Cork

• University of Limerick

• NUI Galway

• NUI Maynooth

For more information about the Irish universities and the courses you can do in Ireland please visit the Education Ireland website


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