Posted by: gillroe | July 13, 2011

Hear it from the horse’s mouth! University of Texas students describe their time in Ireland…

In June this year, a group of communications students from the University of Texas at Austin took a Maymester programme at University College Dublin. They were very active bloggers and we would like to share some of their thoughts with you.

Read on and be inspired…

A Thousand Warmest Welcomes (
Cait Perdue)
Back in Texas, I have no problem finding a nice “please” and “thank you.” If I’m lucky I might even find that chivalry isn’t dead and a man will give up his seat on a packed bus for me.

But all of that above really only adds up to being polite. A “thank you” doesn’t turn into a conversation and two strangers don’t have interest in each other or anyone else around them.

That is just how Texas is and it’s not a bad thing, but it’s certainly not how it’s done in Ireland.

There is a reason the country has an old saying of a thousand warmest welcomes. The Irish people truly are the nicest people I have had the privilege of meeting.

With my “accent” as the Irish call it, it doesn’t take long for an Irish person to wander over and ask me where I’m from. The people are truly interested in why I came to Ireland, what I’ve seen so far and mostly what I think of the country overall.

Final Reflections (Calvin Berman)
Before leaving Texas, I anticipated that this trip would the first and last time I visit Ireland. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting that there would be much to this tiny island.

Just as winter gloom gives way to sunshine in the spring, each passing day here seems to be more radiant than the last. Ireland is full of surprises: rolling hills of emerald, babbling brooks, cliffs careening up from the ocean, enchanting castles and even hidden nightclubs that should only exist in movies.

As my time here comes to a close, its pretty safe to say that I was all wrong about this place. I will definitely be back here again.

Last night, all of the international students on University College Dublin’s campus were invited to a barbeque that included a traditional Irish dancing demonstration. Of course my friend Sarah and I volunteered to showcase our moves. What’d you expect?

There are more to follow…


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