Posted by: gillroe | June 20, 2011

An afternoon in the life of an American Student in Dublin

Calvin Berman is a University of Texas student currently taking a Maymester programme in Dublin. The excerpt below is taken from his blog Calvin Berman’s Dublin Swag. Click here to see all his entries!

James Joyce is among the most celebrated literary figures in contemporary Irish culture and his novel Ulysses, published in 1922, is among the most studied works in literary history. The story’s plot centers on a day in the life of its protagonist Leopold Bloom as he navigates Dublin’s streets.

Thursday, June 16, 2011, is Bloomsday here in Ireland, a day-long festival commemorating Joyce and his literary and cultural contributions. This post pays humble homage to Joyce’s contributions to Irish culture by offering a sort of “afternoon in the life” perspective of an experience I had in Dublin.

I was out for a stroll yesterday in St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin’s version of Central Park, when I noticed some ducks, innocently swimming in a pond. I started laughing out loud as I recalled a scene from the movie “About A Boy,” in which a boy throws a loaf of stale bread at some sunbathing ducks, accidentally killing one.

It then struck me that, ever since I arrived in Ireland, I’ve been finding humor in the most random, unexpected places. This led me to the realization that the world is so much funnier and more interesting to me when I am not consumed by work, exams and the trials and tribulations of everyday life back home.

I’ve come to admire the Irish ability to savor life as it comes, regardless of the troubles that accompany it. As I glanced around the park, I noticed everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves: sitting on the grass, enjoying the summer sun, conversing and laughing with each other. Read on at


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