Posted by: gillroe | November 22, 2010

Ireland Looks to Academe to Re-Ignite Its Economy (The Chronicle)

In an au­dio-re­search lab strewn with gui­tars, Dan Bar­ry and his colleagues at the Dub­lin Institute of Technology fid­dle with a com­put­er­ized tool that can comb the Irish Tra­di­tion­al Music Archive and locate a jig by its tempo or oth­er traits. An Irish com­pa­ny has al­ready licensed the tech­nol­o­gy, and the re­search­ers are hop­ing oth­er com­pa­nies will fol­low suit.

A­cross town, on University College Dub­lin’s sprawling campus, Emmeline Hill, a ris­ing-star ge­neti­cist, de­votes one day a week to her own com­mer­cial ven­ture, a year-old uni­ver­si­ty start-up com­pa­ny called Equinome. It sells a blood test to lo­cate the “speed gene” in thor­ough­breds.

Now that the Celt­ic Tiger of the 1990s has been knocked on its back by the government’s debt burden, and Ireland’s na­tion­al budget is in crisis, Irish universities are working harder than ever to produce dividends from their research. 

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