Posted by: gillroe | September 14, 2010

Dublin City University to attend the Study in Ireland Fairs, Boston & Chicago (September 27th & 28th)

Earn your Degree at Dublin City University (DCU) – a pioneering Irish university bursting with energy and inspiration.  We will be at the Study in Ireland Fairs in Boston (September 27th) and Chicago (September 28th) to answer all your questions!

The recent inauguration of DCU’s 3rd President earlier this year gave DCU an opportunity to look back on an institutional history filled with exciting new developments, commitment and a ‘Can Do’ attitude. From it’s very beginnings, DCU became known as an institution that thrived on challenge, and dared to be different.

During its short existence, DCU has followed a strong desire to respond to the emerging needs of an Ireland, which transformed itself enormously in the 1990s and well into the early 21st century. During his inauguration address this past summer, DCU’s new President, Professor Brian MacCraith, referred to the incredible legacy he was inheriting, a legacy of ‘substantial achievements, of major infrastructural developments, a legacy of values, but most of all, a legacy of people, a wonderful community of faculty and staff committed to excellence at DCU’ and the ‘pioneering spirit’ of this community.

Today, DCU is a research-intensive university that offers employment-relevant, innovative, interdisciplinary programmes and that produces highly regarded graduates for the new global workplace.

Ever since its inception, DCU has made a name for itself as an unconventional university, a different type of Irish university. ‘Different?!’, you might ask. Different in what way? Well, to begin with, take a look at DCU’s INTRA programme. INTRA is a short cut for the university’s INtegrated TRAining programme, which formally integrates the student’s academic study with closely coordinated realistic employment opportunities. INTRA has been an integral component of the majority of DCU’s undergraduate degrees and the programme is closely tied to the university’s commitment to ensure that its educational programmes are relevant to the industrial and commercial world. INTRA provides students with an opportunity to experience a real work environment before graduation, while getting paid a salary (in most cases)! Placements are coordinated through a dedicated INTRA office and the skills and experience thus gained give our graduates a first rate competitive advantage.

Another means of awarding initiative in our dedicated students is the Uaneen module. This is a popular award scheme which recognises the commitment and learning acquired by students involved in extra-curricular activities and which is unique within the Irish third-level sector. The scheme encourages students to develop their extra-curricular activities along with their academic studies to provide them with transferable skills and competencies needed in the complex world we live and work in.

A third factor shaping DCU’s degree programmes is the high level of interdisciplinarity. This is evident when one views our list of programmes. There are, for instance, programmes with titles like Physics with Astronomy, or Marketing, Innovation and Technology, or Manufacturing Engineering with Business Studies. Amongst the latest additions to this list of unconventional programmes is the new MA in Sexuality Studies, jointly run by a number of Faculties. Other developments at DCU include the University’s new elite Sports Academy, which offers an in Ireland previously unknown extensive sports scholarship scheme for elite athletes. Or indeed, take a glimpse at some of the cutting edge research carried out in one of our research institutes, the National Institute of Cellular Biotechnology – here researchers engage in exciting research in the areas of cancer, diabetes and eye injury.

No matter the academic level, students at DCU are at the centre of teaching, research and support. Not only will students study at our state-of-the-art library, but next to our award-winning sports complex, students will find excellent support all around, with the Student Advice Centre acting as one stop shop for all queries. Whatever programme or level of study you choose, DCU won’t disappoint!

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