Posted by: gillroe | March 3, 2010

Irish and US Universities continue to expand links

A group of American College Admissions Counsellors from prominent Chicago high schools kicked off a one-week whistle-stop tour of all seven Irish universities commencing with Cork and travelling on to Limerick, Galway, Maynooth and finally to Dublin where they will end the tour by visting all three universities based in the Capital.



  1. We were delighted to receive the visit from a group of 5 Chicago High School Counsellors to NUI Maynooth on 4 March 2010. We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather on the day, which made the campus tour an extra enjoyable experience. Very productive discussions with our admission office, residence office and international office took place. The counsellors were pleased to meet and chat with some American students too during their time in Maynooth. We look forward to working with the group. See http://international/ for pictures.

  2. The International Education Office at University College Cork were delighted to host this dynamic group of counsellors from Chicago. The counsellors were warmly welcomed to the campus by UCC President, Dr. Michael Murphy, himself no stranger to the Windy City, having spent 8 years at the University of Chicago. As noted by Celso Cárdenas, one of the visiting counsellors, “Cork is absolutely charming…the Chicago of Ireland!” Thanks for that lovely compliment Celso 🙂

    Michael O’Connor from New Trier High School, one of the country’s top public schools, was impressed. “Experiencing the friendliness and hospitality of the UCC faculty and staff is something that I can bring back to my colleagues and students. Being able to visit the campus and meet with faculty, staff and especially the students makes the entire university come alive”, said Mr. O’Connor. Also impressed by UCC was Patty Kovacs, from the University of Chicago Lab School, which President Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha attended until December 2008. As Ms. Kovacs enthused: “UCC makes it clear that they put education into action – developing the mind, creating experiences and connecting with the world.”

    We’re looking forward to welcoming more US counselors to UCC; why not you, get in touch!

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