September 26th is STUDY IN IRELAND Day with CollegeWeekLive!!

A wonderful opportunity to talk to representatves from Education in Ireland and all seven internationally recognised Irish Universities.

Register here:


Study in Ireland Information Events September 26th to October 1st,
New York & Boston

We are delighted to announce details of our Fall Study in Ireland information events – we hope to see you at one of our sessions!

Study in Ireland Day with CollegeWeekLive, September 26th, 9am–8pm

Login to this event to get detailed information on all aspects of Studying in Ireland. Chat with representatives from Education in Ireland and all seven Irish Universities.

New York
Study in Ireland Information Events for Students, Parents & Counsellors,

1 Tuesday 27th September from 7-9pm
St. Barnabas High School, The Bronx,

2 Wednesday 28th September from 7-9pm
Pearl River Library, 80 Franklin Ave., Pearl River

Parents, Counselors and Students are invited to attend. Admissions Officers from all seven Irish universities will be presenting on the day and will be available to answer any questions from students.

In addition, our representatives will be visiting schools throughout New York from Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th September. Please reply by email to schedule a presentation at your school.

Study in Ireland Information Evenings for Students, Parents

Saturday 1st October from 2–4 pm

Boston College High School

Parents, Counselors and Students are welcome to attend. Admissions Officers from all seven Irish universities will be presenting on the day and will be available to answer any questions from students.

In addition, our representatives will be in the Boston area on Thursday 29th or Friday 30th September and are available to make school visits. Please reply by email to schedule a presentation at your school.

Are you a High School College Counsellor?

If so, please note that Education in Ireland and Irish universities will be exhibiting at NACAC 2012 in New Orleans and will also holding a number of information events specifically aimed at College Counsellors in New Orleans, New York and Boston. For more information or

In June this year, a group of communications students from the University of Texas at Austin took a Maymester programme at University College Dublin. They were very active bloggers and we would like to share some of their thoughts with you.

Read on and be inspired…

A Thousand Warmest Welcomes (
Cait Perdue)
Back in Texas, I have no problem finding a nice “please” and “thank you.” If I’m lucky I might even find that chivalry isn’t dead and a man will give up his seat on a packed bus for me.

But all of that above really only adds up to being polite. A “thank you” doesn’t turn into a conversation and two strangers don’t have interest in each other or anyone else around them.

That is just how Texas is and it’s not a bad thing, but it’s certainly not how it’s done in Ireland.

There is a reason the country has an old saying of a thousand warmest welcomes. The Irish people truly are the nicest people I have had the privilege of meeting.

With my “accent” as the Irish call it, it doesn’t take long for an Irish person to wander over and ask me where I’m from. The people are truly interested in why I came to Ireland, what I’ve seen so far and mostly what I think of the country overall.

Final Reflections (Calvin Berman)
Before leaving Texas, I anticipated that this trip would the first and last time I visit Ireland. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting that there would be much to this tiny island.

Just as winter gloom gives way to sunshine in the spring, each passing day here seems to be more radiant than the last. Ireland is full of surprises: rolling hills of emerald, babbling brooks, cliffs careening up from the ocean, enchanting castles and even hidden nightclubs that should only exist in movies.

As my time here comes to a close, its pretty safe to say that I was all wrong about this place. I will definitely be back here again.

Last night, all of the international students on University College Dublin’s campus were invited to a barbeque that included a traditional Irish dancing demonstration. Of course my friend Sarah and I volunteered to showcase our moves. What’d you expect?

There are more to follow…

Calvin Berman is a University of Texas student currently taking a Maymester programme in Dublin. The excerpt below is taken from his blog Calvin Berman’s Dublin Swag. Click here to see all his entries!

James Joyce is among the most celebrated literary figures in contemporary Irish culture and his novel Ulysses, published in 1922, is among the most studied works in literary history. The story’s plot centers on a day in the life of its protagonist Leopold Bloom as he navigates Dublin’s streets.

Thursday, June 16, 2011, is Bloomsday here in Ireland, a day-long festival commemorating Joyce and his literary and cultural contributions. This post pays humble homage to Joyce’s contributions to Irish culture by offering a sort of “afternoon in the life” perspective of an experience I had in Dublin.

I was out for a stroll yesterday in St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin’s version of Central Park, when I noticed some ducks, innocently swimming in a pond. I started laughing out loud as I recalled a scene from the movie “About A Boy,” in which a boy throws a loaf of stale bread at some sunbathing ducks, accidentally killing one.

It then struck me that, ever since I arrived in Ireland, I’ve been finding humor in the most random, unexpected places. This led me to the realization that the world is so much funnier and more interesting to me when I am not consumed by work, exams and the trials and tribulations of everyday life back home.

I’ve come to admire the Irish ability to savor life as it comes, regardless of the troubles that accompany it. As I glanced around the park, I noticed everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves: sitting on the grass, enjoying the summer sun, conversing and laughing with each other. Read on at

A SURVEY run by US travel industry magazine Travel Age West has voted Ireland the ‘destination with the highest client satisfaction in Europe’.

The other finalists in this category were Great Britain, Italy, Spain and France.

Tourism Ireland, which promotes Ireland abroad as a tourist destination and has organised a series of online seminars about Ireland on Travel Age West, welcomed the award win.

Joe Byrne, Tourism Ireland’s vice president for the US and Canada, said the company was “delighted that Ireland has been singled out for this award”. In a statement, Byrne said:

Tourism Ireland works closely with travel agents and tour operators across the US – to encourage them to sell more Ireland holidays and to feature more of our tourism products in their brochures and programmes; and it is wonderful for us to know that Ireland has delivered exceptional experiences to their clients.
Byrne also said that a 2010 Fáilte Ireland attitude survey showed Ireland at its highest satisfaction rating for visitors for years. Around 6.7m overseas visitors came to Ireland last year.

A survey by hotel online booking group recently found that Irish hotels offer the best value in Western Europe.

Learn more about Studying in Ireland at

Click here to view President Obama’s moving and important speech in Dublin this evening.

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Queen Elizabeth II visits Ireland!

Education in Ireland along with Ireland’s top universities will be holding information events on studying in Ireland in San Francisco on Thursday May 26th 2011.

The first event is an information breakfast for high school counselors which will be held in the Menlo Park area starting at 7.30 am (with registration from 7am).

The second event will be held at the Irish Consulate in downtown San Francisco and will be hosted by the Irish Consul General, starting at 6.30pm. Both events will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about studying in Ireland and to hear first hand the experiences of some of those who have studied in Ireland.

If you would like to attend or get more details, please contact

Ireland’s new Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, will speak at US-Ireland Alliance events on 13 July in Chicago. The Minister is a long-time supporter of the Mitchell Scholarship programme and is eager to inform Americans about education opportunities in Ireland.  Also, every university on the island of Ireland will be represented and Mitchell Scholars will also participate, talking about their experiences studying in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Education in Ireland and Irish Universities hosted an information event for high school college counselors and educators at the Union League Fellowship Club in downtown Chicago yesterday.

Prof. Bairbre Redmond, UCD speaking yesterday.

Over 50 people were present to enjoy a wonderful lunch and hear presentations about Education in Ireland from Irish and American academics and alumni.  The event was opened by Ireland’s Consul General in Chicago, Martin Rouine.

Former Mitchell Scholar and TCD Alum, Catherine Fontana speaks to the group of her experience in Ireland.

The group are now in Dallas where today they will host a Study in Ireland Fair for students, parents and counselors from 4pm to 8pm at Arlington Hall in downtown Dallas. 

Tomorrow Education in Ireland will host an information breakfast in Dallas for counselors and educators.  For more information.  Check out the Education Ireland USA Facebook Page

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